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He Said/She Said

“Hello,” she greeted, “well this is something new.”

“Hello,” he countered, “it’s such a pleasure meeting you.”

“This is fun,” she giggled, “it makes me feel so awake.”

“Life’s an oyster,” he justified, “and there’s a pearl in there to take.”

“I’m afraid,” she whispered, “of letting myself go.”

“I’m here,” he promised, “more so than you know.”

“I can’t,” she shuddered, “control the way I feel.”

“It’s fine,” he soothed, “because what we have is real.

“It’s hard,” she said, “to hunger so each day.”

“I know,” he granted, “but our love will find a way.”

“I need you,” she whimpered, “in ways I can’t explain.”

“I know,” he mused, “it’s driving me insane.”

“I love you,” she confided, “and know we have to try.”

“Just trust me,” he soothed, “I won’t ever make you cry.”

“I trust you,” she swore, “in guarding now my heart.”

“I love you,” he smiled, “and we won’t ever fall apart.”

“Hello,” she beamed, “it’s nice to have you near.”

“Hello,” he replied, “suddenly everything seems clear.”

“Stay close,” she implored, “so I can’t doubt that you are mine.”

“Be calm,” he lulled, “everything will work out fine.”

“I want to stay,” she sobbed, “here, forever by your side.”

“It’s okay,” he pledged, “because our hearts are tied.”

“I’ll miss you,” she confessed, “and I’ll crave you more than air.”

“I know,” he groaned, “but soon I will be there.”

“Not coming,” she moaned, “but yes, I understand.”

“Just stop!” He snapped, “I can’t be what you demand.”

“I’m confused,” she muttered, “what am I supposed to do?”

“I don’t know,” he conceded, “but you should concentrate on you.”

“But us?” she wondered. “I thought that we were strong?”

“Don’t press it,” he grumbled, “that could never last too long.”

“I get it,” she braved, “but is this the end of something great?”

“Be careful,” he warned, “for love turns too easily to hate.”

“Hello” she lighted, “I just want to see you smile.”

“Then goodbye,” he sighed, “we’ve wandered our last mile.”

“No more,” She questioned, “do our hearts intertwine?”

“We’ll see,” he flitted, “as we move off along this line.”

“Okay,” she feigned, “I think I can live with this.”

“Of course,” he nodded, “go find your private bliss.”

“Then be free,” she granted, “go find your real fate.”

“I will,” he grinned, “It’s begun, and the hour’s grown late.”

“Goodnight,” she cried, “you know that I will live.”

“I’m sorry,” he frowned, “but you want more than I can give.”

“It’s settled,” she told him, “we’ll each go our own way.”

“What happens next,” he admitted, “no one can truly say.”

“I love you,” she wept, “and I know I always will.”

“I’m growing,” he informed her, “I’m seeking out another thrill.”

“I feel empty,” she blurted, “and I’ve never been so lost.”

“Silence it,” he counselled, “because you’re wanting has a cost.”

“Friendship,” she offered, “at least that still is ours.”

“Of course,” he chuckled, “perhaps it’s in the stars.”

“Perhaps,” she sighed, “I guess in time we’ll see.”

“Indeed,” he breezed, “until then, let it be.


2 responses

  1. Oh yes this sounds familiar to many of us!

    February 11, 2012 at 7:31 am

    • Mmhmm… it’s an old tale to be sure.

      February 11, 2012 at 7:33 am

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