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My Tiny Butterflies

It’s tempting to crawl into the cocoon

To hide yourself away

And cling to the safety found in silence

But you can’t remain forever alone

Consumed by darkness

When you have such a strong desire to taste the pedals of the sun

Don’t be so eager to sell yourselves short

The world belongs to you

My lost little angels

My daughters of fear

My sons of agony

Don’t let yourselves be shunned for all those little missing pieces

 Those tiny little parts

Of a puzzle that was never meant to find completion

Empty the hourglass

My desperate little victims of time

And watch the sands flow through your fingers as they’re stolen by the winds of change

Don’t let yours be the lonely footsteps upon an empty road

The patter of the forlorn

But dance freely down highways teeming with life and laughter

Don’t choose to disappear   

Listen to the inner voice

The whisper of the child within that will not be silenced

Rush forward and greet tomorrow

 Dash out into the daylight

And drink down the luminescence like liquid sunshine

Don’t look back  

Make no apologies for who you are

For your mind makes you rare and your rarity makes you beautiful

Be free my tiny butterflies

Emerge and stretch your wings

Set your goals on infinity and soar far beyond the treetops.

{Note: There I was, just working away at something completely different, and this just insisted on coming out instead… in order to move forward, I had to purge this first. :)}


3 responses

  1. I really really like! 🙂

    March 5, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    • I don’t. I hate it, lol. But it wouldn’t get out of my head until I wrote it down… and to be honest, some weird part of me has been hoping for a couple of really bad poems to spill out so that I can remind myself that they don’t all have to be good and get over it. I hope your day’s going well now that you’ve had a good rest… I need to get away from the comp for a bit though and do something cheery. ttys

      March 6, 2012 at 10:00 am

      • What?? It’s good! Not amazing as the others, but it’s still VERY VERY good. Don’t sell yourself short.

        My day was okay. I FINALLY slept for around nine hours. I feel good! 🙂

        March 6, 2012 at 10:10 am

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