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Remember how in my Monday post (A post with no name…) I said that I’d committed myself to making a commitment about the purchase of a new computer by Friday? Well, I got busy this week – as per usual – and the whole computer hunt just sort of fell by the wayside; I hadn’t even given it any thought. Yesterday I had to go into the city to do some grocery shopping and whatnot, and I stopped in at the Future Shop to pick up (yet another) external hard drive, and lo and behold, I bumped into a deal I couldn’t resist and the decision sort of made itself.

My new baby is sitting in the boxes she came in; I got such a good deal that I couldn’t not get a new monitor too; and unfortunately, she’ll be staying in them for at least a few more hours. I know what I’m like with new toys… completely obsessive. If I don’t take care of some things before I start playing with her, I’ll never get around to properly taking care of them. So alas, I must force this beast to vomit up the contents most important to me onto an external, clean my nightmare of a desk (which I started last night so that’s half done), move out my old and dying computer from the bedroom – after taking anything important from that hard drive – and then; and only then; will I let myself slice into the crisp packaging my new baby came in. It kind of feels like Christmas Eve, and I kind of feel like a five year old; all antsy and excited. The only thing I’m not excited about is all the set up and messing about that it’s going to take to get myself comfortable with the new machine… that stuff seems to take forever.

Between shaping my new computer into my perfect slave, and the spring cleaning (that I also got started on yesterday) that unfortunately needs to be done – despite the return of that blasted snow – I imagine I’m going to be even busier then normal. I wish you could purchase extra hours for a day the same way you can purchase extra memory for your computer.

About that short poem I wrote this morning…

Last night I had this weird dream about all of the trees on my street coming to life like the Ents in Lord of the Rings. They weren’t really doing much; just standing around and watching the sleeping houses on my block; but it was still fascinating. In the dream, I was watching them through my kitchen window and every thing they did – every single move they made – was done in unison. They reminded me a little of synchronized swimmers (which – by the way – I can’t watch without laughing for some reason).

I’d really like to write more about the dream, when/if I find the time… we shall indeed see.

While I am now – and will always be – the queen of too many words, I do write a lot of short poem… even haiku, which I’m not overly fond of… and likely you’ll see a little more of that this coming week while I’m fixated on other things.

Okay, I’m off to catch up on at least a couple of blogs while Zed’s still snoring away – can’t start pulling things apart at my bedroom desk without waking the poor guy up – and I’ll check in with you folks a little later on. Have a great Sunday!


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  1. TheOthers1

    I love new stuff! Just as a random aside: All my stuff is male. My phone, computer, car are all guys.

    April 15, 2012 at 2:28 pm

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