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Baby I’m Sorry

{This is a reposting of a poem I did way back in the beginning that had like two views. Ya, I’m cheating (again), but hey look! It starts with a ‘B’ so at least I’m cheating with purpose! An interesting side note… This was actually written as a song (though there were some changes made to make it work better as a poem) and there is a very shitty recording of me singing it. If I didn’t love y’all so damn much, I’d post that clip just to scare you! tee hee}

You said, “Well baby I know that I made you cry,

and baby I know that I told you lies,

but I’m sorry now

… I’m so fuck’in sorry now.”

And I said, “Well baby I’m sorry that I’m walking away,

and baby I know that you want me to stay,

but I’m hurt’in now

… I’m so fuck’in hurt’in now.”

As I walked out the door, with hot tears on my face,

I felt so alone, and so out of place.

I felt so betrayed; so empty and strange;

but as I kept moving forward, I started to change…

You said, “Well baby I know that I wasn’t true,

and baby I know I was no good to you,

but I’m sorry now

… I’m so fuck’in sorry now.”

And I said, “Well baby I know that you’re full of shit,

and believe me, my dear; I’ll get over it,

but I’m angry now

… I’m so fuck’in angry now.”

And I laughed up at the sky as it started to rain,

for as the water came down, it washed clean the pain.

I thought; why should I care if I was breaking your heart,

when it was your indiscretions that tore us apart?

You said, “Well baby I know that I messed up bad.

And baby I know that I made you sad,

But I’m sorry now

… I’m so fuck’in sorry now.”

And I said, “Well maybe you’ll hurt, when you’re all alone.

And maybe you’re sorry; but you can’t atone,

‘Cause I’m over it now

… I’m so fuck’in over you now.”

I kept walking away, and I didn’t look back,

For I had no more use for such a sad, sorry sack.

I was thrilled it was over, and I was glad to be free,

And I was ecstatic to learn that you couldn’t break me.


An apology to an old friend…

My Dearest Poetry;

Yesterday I said some pretty harsh words, and though I know that you’re incapable of feeling the emotion that you’ve so often helped me to express, I feel an apology is in order.

You see, I was frustrated. I know that’s a lousy excuse, but that’s the meat of it. Yesterday, when I found myself labouring away at birthing yet another of your children instead of working on The Trinity, I just felt so annoyed… but that annoyance should have been pointed at myself; not you. You’ve done no wrong here and the blame is all my own. You can not be faulted for my inability to stay on task; all you’ve ever done is offer me inspiration and guidance.

Please believe that I could never hate you. You have been my truest and most cherished friend for more years now than I can even remember. You have been there for me when there was no one else in sight; holding my hand through the darkest moments and seeing me back through into the light. Whenever I found myself standing at a precipice; head down, eyes closed, arms thrown wide in a posture of utter defeat; you reached out for me and gently led me away from the edge.

No, my dearest friend, I could no more hate you than I could hate myself, for you are a part of me; a deeply important, wholly necessary part of me. I don’t know what I would have done without you over the years. I don’t know that I would have even made it this far.

And so I beg you, old friend, forgive me my transgressions. Continue to walk beside me as I journey through the world. Know that I am truly sorry and that I would be devastated beyond words if I ever lost you.

Eternally in your debt,



Though I know I’m in no position to ask for more favours, I just beg that you refrain from impregnating my mind for at least three hours so I can finish the current chapter. I am way behind in my goals for this week and you, more than anyone, know how terrible I can be to myself when I start feeling inadequate. Thank you.