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Baby I’m Sorry

{This is a reposting of a poem I did way back in the beginning that had like two views. Ya, I’m cheating (again), but hey look! It starts with a ‘B’ so at least I’m cheating with purpose! An interesting side note… This was actually written as a song (though there were some changes made to make it work better as a poem) and there is a very shitty recording of me singing it. If I didn’t love y’all so damn much, I’d post that clip just to scare you! tee hee}

You said, “Well baby I know that I made you cry,

and baby I know that I told you lies,

but I’m sorry now

… I’m so fuck’in sorry now.”

And I said, “Well baby I’m sorry that I’m walking away,

and baby I know that you want me to stay,

but I’m hurt’in now

… I’m so fuck’in hurt’in now.”

As I walked out the door, with hot tears on my face,

I felt so alone, and so out of place.

I felt so betrayed; so empty and strange;

but as I kept moving forward, I started to change…

You said, “Well baby I know that I wasn’t true,

and baby I know I was no good to you,

but I’m sorry now

… I’m so fuck’in sorry now.”

And I said, “Well baby I know that you’re full of shit,

and believe me, my dear; I’ll get over it,

but I’m angry now

… I’m so fuck’in angry now.”

And I laughed up at the sky as it started to rain,

for as the water came down, it washed clean the pain.

I thought; why should I care if I was breaking your heart,

when it was your indiscretions that tore us apart?

You said, “Well baby I know that I messed up bad.

And baby I know that I made you sad,

But I’m sorry now

… I’m so fuck’in sorry now.”

And I said, “Well maybe you’ll hurt, when you’re all alone.

And maybe you’re sorry; but you can’t atone,

‘Cause I’m over it now

… I’m so fuck’in over you now.”

I kept walking away, and I didn’t look back,

For I had no more use for such a sad, sorry sack.

I was thrilled it was over, and I was glad to be free,

And I was ecstatic to learn that you couldn’t break me.



I asked;

“If every dream I ever dreamt was tattooed on my skin,

And every time you looked my way, you could see the colour of my sin…

Would you still call me beautiful?”

You replied;

“A splash of colour in borders of black would do nothing to change your heart;

The things that make you – you inside, are what set you far apart…

You will always be beautiful to me.”

I asked;

“But if every lie I ever told, was etched for all to read,

And just by looking at my casing you could see the true depth of my need…

Would you still crave my touch?”

You replied;

“We all tell lies to make it though – they help us hide away our fear,

And need is such a soulful thing, it would only make me hold you nearer…

I will always crave your touch.”

I asked;

“What if all the hurt that I have buried was painted in brisk hues,

And just by lying next to me you’d be infected by my blues…

Would you still share my bed?”

You replied;

“To see your hurt would shatter me, but then I’d know what I must do;

And I would gladly take it all on me, it if could mean less pain for you…

I will always share you bed.”

I asked;

“But what if every one of my mistakes was turned to murals on my flesh,

And you could tell – by looking closely – that some of that ink was fresh…

Would you still give your love?”

You replied;

“I would want you more for your mistakes, because they’ve made you quite divine,

And how could I judge you for your errors, when you do not judge me for mine?

You will always have my love.”

You and I

You’d turn your eyes in my direction

and your grin would bring that tiny dimple to the surface.

I’d return a shy smile with downcast eyes

and fight to hide the rising heat as it rushed to my cheeks.

You’d talk about your love of the arts

and say so many pretty things about the sea.

I’d tell you all of my dreams

and you’d lean close to reveal your emotion…

“You charm me…”

“You intrigue me…”

 “You enchant me…”

You’d reach across the void and take me by the hand.

Do you sense it?

You’d write me sweetly worded poetry

and bring me blue roses that you’d had to search the city to find.

I’d paint you pictures of the autumn sky

and laugh blissfully at the lightness you gave birth to in my heart.

You’d watch me running barefoot in the snow

and remark how my laughter was like the tinkling sound of chimes.

I’d enfold myself in the warmth of your arms

and you’d murmur in my ear…

“You tempt me…”

“You excite me…”

  “You hypnotize me…”

You’d brush your lips along my jaw and hum.

Do you hear it?

I’d dance naked in the rain

and sing songs about the beauty in the world.

You’d twine your fingers through my hair

and push yourself against my bareness with a sigh.

I’d wrap myself around you

and breathe in the scent of spring on your skin.

You’d lift me in your arms

and I’d whisper against your neck…

“I want you…”

“I need you…”

“I adore you…”

I’d give myself to you in ways I’d only ever dreamed.

Do you see it?

I’d nibble your lower lip

and taste the honey flavour of your mouth.

You’d grip me to your chest

and swear your hunger for me was destined eternal.

I’d lick the salt from your skin

and rake my nails slowly down your back.

You’d groan so deeply I could feel it in my bones

and I’d purr against your chest…

“I burn for you…”

“I love you…”

“I worship you…”

I’d hold your gaze as I devoured you.

Do you taste it?

You’d grow irritated at my silence

and lose interest in the little things I’d say.

I’d glamour myself in to denial

and tell myself that everything between us was fine.

You’d seek out other thrills

and growl at me for questioning your actions.

I’d ask for your forgiveness

and you’d hold me as you lied…

“You captivate me…”

“You fulfill me…”

You own me…”

You’d make love to me as if for the first time.

Do you feel it?

Your lies would grow more frequent

and you’d start to pull further and further away.

I’d see the disinterest in your eyes

and struggle to become the girl I thought you wanted.

You’d turn your back to me

and fall asleep without an embrace.

I’d let the tears run silent down my face

and you’d mutter in your sleep…

“You choke me…”

“You smother me…”

“You bore me…”

You’d shatter my heart in your hands.

Do you know it?

I’d walk away in pain

and fight my way into a new existence.

You’d try to call me back

and beg for another chance to start again.

I’d deny you absolution

and keep moving in this new direction.

You’d swear that things would be different

and I’d hold my chin up and declare…

“I’ll miss you…”

“I’ll ache for you…”

“I’ll get over you…”

I’d walk alone along the path I’d chosen.

Do you remember it?

You’d mourn for what we’d had

and be haunted by the memory of my body next to yours.

I’d find a better way to live

and let the memories of us begin to fade away.

You’d be broken inside

and scramble to keep me in your life.

I’d say my last goodbye

and you’d plead across the distance…

“You charm me…”

“You intrigue me…”

 “You enchant me…”

“You tempt me…”

“You excite me…”

  “You hypnotize me…”

“You captivate me…”

“You fulfill me…”

“You own me…”

“You shatter me.”

I’d look into my lover’s eyes and forget you ever were.

Do you regret it?