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Brought to you by the letter ‘F’…

Even cheating with these easy posts, I seem to be having a difficult time finding time to get on here right now. Life’s been nutty, what can I say? I almost forgot all about it today, but then this song came on and I thought, ‘oh duh!’. I’m here now – if only for a second – to leave you with a video from one of my favourite female artists. Have a great evening folks.

Fuckin’ Perfect – Pink


Batter up…

I’m just popping inside momentarily – sun’s shining after all, and the computer just doesn’t seem all that amusing at the moment… plus those damn crows are back and they’re bloody fascinating! – still, I didn’t want you fine folks to feel like I was ignoring you. I love you after all, so that wouldn’t be a good thing.

Sitting outside, enjoying the warmth of the evening with a cold beer in one hand, we got to talking about crushes on members of the same sex. My sister involved herself in this conversation – which isn’t fair if you ask me, since she is bisexual, and according to her there’s not a lot of women she wouldn’t sleep with – you should really see her husbands face when she talks like this; it’s like he’s won the lottery. Anyhow… though I am straight, I always figured if the right person came along (and I was actually single and not already with the right person – love you honey!), gender wouldn’t mean a damn thing. Blah blah blah, I digress…

I only came inside to share with you my top three picks – not including Gabriela Vargas whom (eww, I said ‘whom’) I already love far more than ANY of these women – should I ever decide to switch teams. Yes, it’s just a bit of frivolously fluffy randomosity, but I think we all know how I feel about such things.

Without further ado, here is my list (for the moment):

1) Pink – there is just something about this chick that absolutely does it for me… she’s tough, takes shit from no one and she’s got a hell of a voice.

2) Milla Jovovich – I can’t even give you much of a reason for this one… she’s not my usual type (hehe) but she’s just sexy to me, especially when she’s playing a badass.

3) Malukah – I don’t know her last name, and most of you have probably never even heard of her, but there is just something about this girl… I already told my man I was preparing to leave him for her; he seemed oddly okay with this.

Anyways, that’s it, that’s all I got for now. Have a great weekend!


Day 24: Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs. (Just post the titles and the artists and letter).

Dear Robin,
Hello old friend, it’s been awhile… which is exactly why I’ve decided to write a letter to you rather than someone else for the purposes of this challenge. Yes, I know it probably seems a little strange, but let’s face it sister; we’re strange. I know you’ve had a long day, so I’ll keep it simple – a meagre ten songs. While they may not be your favourite songs on all days, I know they’re on your mind today. I know this, because I know you better than you know yourself. Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

1) Hero – as preformed by Foo Fighters
2) Society – as preformed by Eddie Vedder
3) No Fun – as preformed by the Sex Pistols
4) Raise Your Glass – as preformed by Pink
5) Forever Young – as preformed by The Forest Rangers, featuring Audra Mae
6) How Will I Laugh Tomorrow – as preformed by Suicidal Tendencies
7) Moment of Weakness – Bif Naked
8) Beautiful – as preformed by Eminem
9) Breakdown – as preformed by Jack Johnson
10) Give a Little Love – as preformed by Ziggy Marley

It now seems like a good time to explain the dedications…. while we’re at it, let’s break some more… screw just leaving a list, let’s give the damn songs!

Hero – as preformed by Foo Fighters
I know that you always think of Zed a little when you hear this, but today you’re feeling extra proud of that man of yours, so I thought this would be a great #1.

Society – as preformed by Eddie Vedder
I dedicate this song to you because I know it speaks to that antisocialist within… sometimes the world gets on your nerves and you daydream about complete and utter freedom from society and all the materialism that pegs us in place like the links of a chain.

No Fun – as preformed by the Sex Pistols
This is the song that almost always pops into your head when you’ve had a somewhat crappy day… I suppose it’s because you can relate to the words. Sorry… the video quality blows.

Raise Your Glass – as preformed by Pink
I just know how much you get this song; it’s become one of your internal theme songs of late.

Forever Young – as preformed by The Forest Rangers, featuring Audra Mae
Again, not the best video, but it was all I could find on short notice, and I KNOW this songs been on your mind all day long… It’s one of those songs that you always relate to both youthful stupidity and hopefulness…

How Will I Laugh Tomorrow – as preformed by Suicidal Tendencies
I wanted to dedicate this song to you today because it reminds you so much of your teen years, and all day long you’ve been thinking about those damn kids and reliving different moments of your own idiocy at their age. I thought you’d appreciate this one.

Moment of Weakness – Bif Naked
Honestly, I’m just dedicating this one because I wanted to hear it… but, if you really need a good reason, how’s this… It always reminds you of the last moron you let break your heart; reminds you and makes you laugh a little.

Beautiful – as preformed by Eminem
I know you like this song… it’s a little sad, but it’s also got a great message… plus, what kind of list could be complete without a little Eminem?

Breakdown – as preformed by Jack Johnson
Here’s one for you that’s bound to put a smile on your face; doesn’t it always? There’s no better reason to dedicate it than that.

Give a little love – as preformed by Ziggy Marley
Sorry Robin, unfortunately I made you the playlist before checking the availability of the videos on youtube… ah well, you know how I am… stubborn to a fault! No way I’m deviating from the list, especially when this song always makes you feel lighter, better, and gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling. There’s just no better way to wrap up the list.

I would have liked to send you a much bigger list, but it’s been a pretty long day for me too. Still, I know you’ll enjoy this list! Make sure and get a good night’s sleep.

Love always,
P.S.: Kudos to you for sticking to your goals.

That old time rock ‘n’ roll…

In my part of the world, Saturday’s just getting started. The house is filled with that delicious aroma of fresh brewed coffee, the dog’s just been let outside – after doing her customary dance to let me know she doesn’t care much for my sleeping in – and the sky beyond my kitchen window is splashed pink and orange as the sun stretches out its rays with a yawn to say, “Good morning”.

Just a handful of minutes earlier – blurry-eyed and still half asleep – I stumbled over to my desk, plunked my butt down in my incredibly cushy chair, flicked on the monitor, took one look at the plethora of windows – mostly Microsoft Word – open on my desk top, shook my head and turned on my music. I had every intention in the world of sitting here in my private little bubble, sipping coffee with my eyes closed, just enjoying the tunes until the household came to life around me.

The first song to reach out to me was a number from Sia; nice, calm and perfect early morning ambience. The second song was a ditty from Amy Winehouse – quick tap of the skip key – and then Bob Seger bellows out at me, “Just take those old records off the shelf…” and this urges me – no; commands me – to open a fresh new page and start ticking away.  

Ah, and I do so love music; I love fast music, slow music, sad music, angry music, happy music, music with a good base, music with a soft lull, music with that great acoustic sound and music that gets inside and moves my feet even when I didn’t know I wanted to dance…; I love it all, but – in many ways – nothing will ever beat that old time rock ‘n’ roll.

Some of the best memories I have of being a kid played out with a soundtrack of Bob Seger, CCR, the Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, REO Speedwagon, the Steve Miller Band, The Who, Jefferson airplane, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mack, The Doors…. and oh-so-many more… and I’ve never stopped loving (or listening to) each and every single one of them. Yes, I get a thrill when I find new music; I’m always on the hunt for something fresh and original with the power to stimulate me; but I never forget my old friends.

You see, music holds magic for me… There are songs that have the power to bring me back to moments, and full ages in time in a way that no photograph ever could. While there are plenty of memories from my youth that I could happily live without, the ones with music are not amongst those I’d be willing to part with.

In my house – as a kid – when the music was playing, no one was yelling. When the music blared, there was no violence, no crying, no fear… those were the happy times. Those were the moments when my mother smiled and danced… the moments that me and my siblings felt like real children, and the moments that served as balance in my life long before I understood just how important balance was. Those moments were likely the reason that music would eventually grow into being such a vital part of my life…

And I’m not exaggerating when I say that music is (vastly) important to me… or that it has been for a very long time. In my basement (should you choose to look) you’d find a collection of more than 300 records (for you younger folks, those were like huge, vinyl CDs :P) even though I haven’t had a working turntable since I was maybe twenty or so. You’d also find boxes (many of them) filled with old cassette tapes and CDs, and even a box full of old Walkmans and a cute little, pink cassette player with New Kids on the Block stickers plastered across it’s face…. things I continue to drag around with me even though their purpose has been extinguished by the dawn of the digital age.

These days, I’m all about the digital… but who isn’t, right? The only thing that would cause me as much personal damage as losing my years of writing would be losing my collection of music; this is why I do backups in triplicate.

Currently I have a collection of music that borders on the insane. I have all those bands that they like to overplay on the radio, I have artists that a great many people have never even heard of, and genres you’d likely never find mingling together anywhere else. It’s not a rarity to find me listening to a collection of show tunes while cleaning house, or listening to Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Bach or Chopin with my eyes closed and a pen poised over a piece of paper while I wait to be slapped in  the face by inspiration. I’m the kind of person that likes to crank their tunes and sing along, dancing around my house – all alone if need be – and it doesn’t matter much who’s around to witness it. On those rare occasions that I get caught out and about without portable music, I’ll sing to myself… this often garners me funny looks, but more often I get smiles.

Unless I’m in a specific mood, I let my whole list play on a continuous shuffle so 2Pac is followed by Blind Melon who’s followed by Bob Marley who’s followed by Journey who’s followed by Marilyn Manson who’s followed by Johnny Cash who’s followed by Garth Brooks, Megadeth, Nirvana, Pink, Yukari Tamura, Juliette Lewis, AC/DC… ah, and then there’s always that old time rock ‘n’ roll, and no matter how old I get, or how much my life changes, this music gets down deep inside and makes me sing. It makes me dance (while still sitting in this case) with a huge grin on my face. It touches a place inside me that I’d otherwise believe extinct, but does it in such a positive way that I’m thrilled to know it lives on. Yes, it is a direct link to my youth and innocence, and those early moments of my life that I like to revisit.

I just thought I’d share.